Kaori Tschanz, pronounced Kow-dy Shawtz, has been doing hair for about 4 years. She decided to get into the beauty industry for two big reasons; one, she  has always LOVED the hair industry and  always enjoyed doing her hair. Kaori saw the beauty on how just changing your appearance did for people, it gave them confidence, a new look at life, but most of all it made them happy and she wanted to make that happen for people. Second was that Kaori knew she  always wanted a family and  a career that will give her the perfect balance of enjoying life and seeing her artwork come to life. 

Kaori specializes in fashion color, custom colors, and men's hair but that won't keep her from doing many other services. 

"As a hair stylist I listen and take my time to make sure we get a desired result for your hair. I make sure to do all I can to insure your appointment will tailor to your needs and that we will do all we can to keep your hair happy and healthy. 
I want my chair to be an escape, even for a little while, from all the stress the days have to offer. " Kaori Tschanz

"When I'm not at the salon a lot of my time is taken by my wonderful Husband and  two baby cats. Sometimes I also love to spend the days on the couch binge-ing a Netflix show. I also strive to live a healthy and active lifestyle to support my husband's and I's poor eating choices during the weekend.  What can I say? I LOVE my carbs and sweets. "

If you're ready for a new change or even need help deciding what's next for your hair goals. Come on in! I look forward to meeting you. 

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